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We are an authorized rental outlet for Harmony Music, headquartered in Redmond, WA.

Our Rental Program features:

¨ New or Used Instruments

¨ Rent or Rent-to-Own Plans

¨ Complete Repair Support

¨ Free Exchanges and Loaners

¨ Damage and Theft Insurance

¨ No Credit Check Required

The following instruments are currently available to rent or purchase (rent to own):

1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 4/4 Violins • 12”, 13”, 14” Violas

Flutes Clarinets Trumpets Trombones

Drum Kits Bell Kits

Rent Only - Used:  $19.95/month

Rent to Own - Used:  $22.95/month

Rent to Own - New:  $27.95/month


1/2, 3/4, 4/4 Cellos Alto Saxophones

Rent Only - Used:  $29.95/month

Rent to Own - Used:  $32.95/month

Rent to Own - New:  $37.95/month

Rent-Only Plan

¨ Used instruments only

¨ Rent does not apply to purchase

¨ You may change to our Rent-to-Own plan at any time - rent applied to ownership begins at the time of change

Rent-To-Own Plan

¨ 100% of the rental portion of your monthly payment applies to the purchase for as long as you rent. This is an important feature and can save you a significant amount on your purchase.

¨ No risk; no obligation to buy - contract can be cancelled at any time

¨ Instrument exchanges available

Both Plans

¨ Teacher approved instruments

¨ FREE ID tag for your instrument case

¨ FREE loaner instrument if yours is in for maintenance or repair

¨ Maintenance and Repair Plan included in rental pricing**

¨ Optional Damage Coverage (additional $4 per month**): Covers accidental damage up to $275

¨ Optional Replacement Coverage (additional $4 per month**): Covers the loss or theft of your instrument

¨ No credit check required

¨ Choice of security: Active credit card number on file OR $100 security deposit

¨ Choice of payment plan: Monthly billing OR auto-pay with debit or credit card

**Maintenance and Repair, Damage Coverage and Replacement Coverage costs do not apply toward purchase.