Recorder Classes and Ensembles

Note: these classes are not currently being offered. However, if you have a group of 4 or more students we would love to teach recorder to your group. Give us a call at 956-8600 to set up your own recorder class.

Do you homeschool your child? Does your school lack an elementary music program? Now your child can have the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument that costs only a few dollars, but has a beautiful sound when played correctly.

Many schools offer recorder in 2nd, 3rd or 4th grade because it is easy to play and provides a great introduction to music and learning an instrument. Give your child the same advantage in our recorder program!

To find out more about this musical instrument, check the Wikipedia Entry.

Explore the Recorder

This class for ages 8 to 12 meets for 45 minutes every day for one week. Students will learn correct recorder technique for making a beautiful sound and will be playing several songs by the end of the week. The class also includes an introduction to reading music.

Following this introduction to recorder, students can continue in our weekly Recorder Fun! class. For children who will be taking recorder in school, this week-long camp offers an excellent preparation and will help them to obtain a nice sound when they play.

Recorder Fun!

Students ages 8 to 12 will learn the basics of playing the recorder in this 45 minute class that meets once eaach week. The class will emphasize reading music and using proper recorder technique for making a beautiful sound. Students will also learn to play in ensemble (duets and trios). This class will cover learning the notes in the C major and D major scales.

Recorder Ensemble

Children ages 8 to 12 who learn recorder in school or who have taken our beginning recorder class will enjoy playing in our recorder ensemble. This group will learn more advanced rhythms and play in new key signatures. Students in the ensemble will have the opportunity to learn the alto recorder which is larger and plays notes at a lower pitch. The recorder ensemble may join with the guitar ensemble to perform some music together.


Our Mission: To provide students of all ages with the skills and support they need to enjoy music for a lifetime.

Our Goal: To create a music community where people of all ages enjoy making music together.

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