Piano/Keyboard Classes and Lessons

Beginning Piano/Keyboard Classes

Our two-year piano/keyboard class program for children ages 6–9 provides an excellent preparation for private lessons. Students who progress through each level will emerge as independent musicians who can read, write, and create music. Grouped by age, each class includes 4-6 students. Classes meet weekly for 45 minutes.

These classes are designed for absolute beginners. Students who have taken music classes or lessons on any instrument should schedule private lessons.

The first year for 6-7 year olds targets rhythm development. Students learn to count while discovering keyboard geography. This level develops all fingers, and encourages the student to play at various locations on the keyboard.

The first year for ages 8-9 emphasizes counting and reading as notes are introduced one-by-one on the grand staff from Middle C up to G and Middle C down to A as well as harmonic seconds, thirds, and fourths. Eighth note rhythms are introduced in the first lesson. Fingering numbers are not included until later to ensure that students are really reading notes and not reading fingering numbers.

Adult classes focus on learning well-known songs, reading and understanding music notation, and playing expressively.

Private Piano Lessons

Piano lessons meet weekly for 30 minutes. Longer lessons are avaialable upon request.

Young beginners start in a classical piano method that emphasizes proper technique, reading music, and correct counting and rhythm.

Teens and adults may choose between a standard piano method based on classical music or a more popular approach learning to play chords with a lead sheet, a technique used by many musicians who play in contemporary music styles.


Our Mission: To provide students of all ages with the skills and support they need to enjoy music for a lifetime.

Our Goal: To create a music community where people of all ages enjoy making music together.

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HOW TO REGISTER: Because signatures are required, registration must be done in person at Great Northwest Music in the Town Center Plaza on G Street. Classes fill fast, so register early!

The most noticeable difference between a keyboard and a piano for the beginning student is the strength needed in the fingers to push down the keys; the learning process is the same.

We use electronic keyboards in our keyboard classroom and one digital piano which has weighted keys that require the same strenth to play as an acoustic piano.

The type of instrument used once a week for classes is less important than the student's practice instrument. Students who have a piano to practice on at home will develop the finger strength needed to play the piano.

Students who practice on a piano at home are welcome to play on our digital piano during classes. Please let us know if you would like your child to play on the digital piano in class. If we have more than one request, we will rotate those students on the piano on a weekly basis.

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